Eagle Precision


When it comes to providing quality castings our experience is second to none. Our management team routinely works with customers early in the design stages on every new job we are awarded, providing our expert casting advice to ensure parts are designed for manufacturability. The outcome is a part that performs to the standards our customers require, and is produced as cost effectively as possible.

Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc has invaluable relationships with local and national suppliers to provide value-added operations to any project. Suppliers routinely supply specialized heat treatment processes, coating/plating treatments, machining operations, and non-destructive testing services on investment castings manufactured at Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. Suppliers meet stringent quality and specification requirements set forth by our customers and other regulating bodies.

Click below to download our Investment Casting Quick Reference Guide. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Dimensional Tolerances
  • Capabilities
  • Design Recommendations
  • Materials Poured

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