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About Eagle Precision - A High-Quality Investment Casting Foundry

Investment castings are what we do.

Eagle Precision is an investment casting foundry pouring both ferrous and non-ferrous castings. We are a full-service manufacturing facility and provide engineering support from the very beginning of each investment casting project to ensure that the process and the part itself is optimized for production. Our investment castings are manufactured to precision tolerances of +/-.005 inch per inch with surface finishes of 125 RMS.

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Capabilities, Speed and Quality

Investment casting stands out as a highly precise metalcasting technique, excelling in producing parts with intricate geometries, complex components, and thin sections, all while maintaining exceptional dimensional accuracy and surface finish (1). This makes investment casting a go-to choice for applications demanding high complexity, precision and quality that cannot be achieved through other casting methods.

This process also enables the conversion of challenging fabricated or fully machined parts. Parts that seem un-castable can be redesigned for investment casting, often resulting in improved aesthetics, higher quality and expedited production. In this way, investment casting can result in cost savings and faster project timelines, even for initially challenging designs.

Additionally, investment casting facilitates material recycling and makes the manufacturing process more sustainable, while its longer-lasting tooling can make it a cost-effective choice for large production runs.

Advanced Processing

Our team at Eagle Precision leverages their expertise in 3D solidification software and advanced metrology to facilitate rapid production of prototype or low-volume metal parts using 3D printing technology.

As a leading investment casting foundry, we excel in delivering precise measurements quickly, offering flexible data presentation options, including standard blueprints and interactive tolerance charts. Additionally, we provide turnkey assembly services, ensuring that our customers receive a finished product ready for sale.

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Distinguishing Investment Casting from Other Casting Techniques

Understanding the differences between investment casting and other methods is crucial when designing a new part for casting. Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, is a precise and versatile method for creating complex shapes with tight tolerances using a wide range of materials. Investment casting excels in producing parts with intricate inner cavities and exceptional surface finishes. The process uses wax patterns to produce high-quality single-use molds, making it optimal for prototyping, low to medium quantity production runs and complex components that cannot be cast using other methods.

In contrast, other casting methods are optimal for different manufacturing situations. Shell mold casting uses expendable molds made from a resin-coated sand mixture, and it is cost-effective for larger production runs while providing good surface finish (but not as fine as investment casting). Greensand casting has a similar process and is cost-effective but typically yields rougher surfaces, making it better suited for products with less strict requirements for tolerances and surface finish. Permanent mold casting uses reusable molds for a smoother finish than shell mold and greensand casting, but it’s best suited for specific materials with low melting points, and medium-to-high production volumes.

Factors like tooling costs, labor costs, tolerances and surface finish must all be considered to determine the most appropriate casting process. To learn more about how investment casting compares to other casting processes, visit the Eagle Group Blog.


Investment casting is ideal for projects requiring tight dimensional tolerances and specialty alloys, like stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and titanium. Investment casting can provide tolerances of +/-.005 inch per inch and offers exceptional precision. The process yields a smooth surface finish (125 RMS), which reduces the need for additional finishing techniques. Complex designs with thin walls and surface finishes with intricate patterns such as logos, numbers or symbols particularly benefit from investment casting, as it eliminates costly machining or finishing work.

Prototyping is another area where investment casting excels. Due to its quick and cost-effective part production, investment casting is an excellent option for exploring prototype castings, performing functional testing and optimizing product concepts. For a real-life example of our expertise in this area, check out our Hydrant Guard Case Study.

You can find additional details about investment casting in our in-depth depth Investment Casting Process Guide prepared by Eagle Precision.


Started in 1993 in Muskegon, Michigan, Eagle Precision is a proud member of the Eagle Group. Our 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located alongside Eagle Alloy. At Eagle Precision, we specialize in investment castings.

As with all of the Eagle Group companies, our sales department also serves as the production control department, ensuring your needs are met from start to shipment. For details on our investment casting process, download our Investment Casting Process guide.

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For more information or literature explaining our operations, please contact our President, Debbie Pipoly. She and the Eagle Precision team are ready to assist with your casting needs.

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